Warwick Valley Gardeners

Keeping Warwick beautiful … one flower at a time

Our 9 Community Gardens

Railroad Green Gardens
Chair: Cathy Garofalo

 Located at the corner of Oakland Avenue and Railroad Avenue,

are the fountain planters and perennial gardens in Railroad Green Park. This was designed in 1992 with the help of renowned gardening author Ken Druse. Our largest garden, located in the center of the Village of Warwick, is the hub of events for our club and our community. Year round you can see people of all ages, enjoying the award winning landscape, relaxing on the lawn or swaying to music from a summer concert. In front of the flag pole a memorial bench was placed dedicated to Dorothy Anderson who

gave with enthusiasm and tireless energy to our club and many other organizations. Last year we dedicated the planting of a Weeping Redbud, planted in memory of our longtime, dedicated member Ruth Durland, who

passed in 2015.

Welcome to Warwick Garden, Forester Avenue
Chair: Gertrude Galligan 
  Bordering Hallowed Ground Park, located at the corner of Galloway Road and Forester Avenue; this garden was established in 1996.
  In spring, flowers and bulbs blanket the ground in front of gorgeous Kwanzan Flowering Cherry trees. The garden flows into summer with a mix of annuals and perennials. Fall mums excite in maroon and gold celebrating the school colors of Warwick and welcome all who have traveled a far “Home for the Holidays.”

Local Heroes’ Garden

Chair: Bettye Hill
      The Local Heroes' Garden was created to honor those Police, Fire and EMT professionals who put their lives on the line daily on our behalf. Created in an abandoned area at the end of Veterans' Memorial Park by the Warwick Valley Gardeners and members of the community, this lovely perennial garden offers a display of color and blooms throughout the growing season. In 2013 it was awarded First Place in the Community Gardens category by the Federated Garden Clubs of America. This garden is now maintained by the committee and volunteers from Warwick Grove.

Pine Island Butterfly Garden/Habitat
Chair: Mary Pohlman

  The Butterfly Garden and Habitat at the Pine Island Park continues to be a focal point of beauty and education for young and old alike. During peak butterfly season, children walk the paths in search of and counting how many different butterflies they can spot. The life cycle displays add to their knowledge, as does the fun of the Monarch photo cutout. Our efforts were rewarded this year with an increase in the Monarch population. Many other pollinators frequent the garden such as hummingbirds, bees and dragonflies. The wetlands Garden( formerly the Dragonfly area) also adds to the texture of the area as well as being a habitat for moisture loving insects.

Welcome to Warwick Garden, Rt. 17A/94

Co-Chairs: Nancy Arthur, Laurie Unick

      Established in 1997, this garden is located on Route 94/17A south, a well traversed entry into Warwick Village. The welcoming sign, surrounded by a tiny garden grabs your eye with its beauty. 

       Dedicated and daring members of our garden club have climbed the steep slope to plant and maintain this garden with inspired seasonal designs.

World Trade Center Memorial Garden

Chairs: Mary Bollenbach

   Located on the left side of Veterans’ Drive as one enters the park, this garden was designed in 2002. The tragedy that affected our nation left families still feeling the loss of seven residents.

Alongside Wawayanda Creek, this memorial garden, which is illuminated at night, was designed with two black granite pillars representing the towers that are surrounded by plantings. Benches at the base of the pillars allow for quiet remembrance.

A memorial ceremony is held at the garden annually on September 11 at the exact time of the disaster.

The Flagpole Garden
Co-Chairs: Linda Fay & Maryann Buckley
   In the driveway in front of the Warwick Town Hall, located at 132 Kings Highway, this circular bed of annuals and colorful grasses, is the perfect accent for this imposing building. This garden was established in 1993.

Doc Beers Garden
Chairs: Janice Morrell
  Honoring a local veterinarian, the garden is located on an island in the roadway that enters Memorial Park in the Village of Warwick. Maintained by Warwick Valley Gardeners since 1995 the plants and the tree within are named after animals, birds, butterflies, and creatures of the world. In 2014 a birdbath was added and the garden expanded to its original footprint. With the help of the Village DPW an inviting bench was installed in 2015. The committee plans to maintain this garden in an ongoing project  to promote pollinators.

Village Hall Garden

Chair: Marcela Gross

Members: Norma Pantojas-Lennox, Linda Stambaugh

Village Hall Garden is a small but well established

perennial garden on the side of Village Hall on Wheeler Avenue. It is a four-season garden with daff odils and tulips in the spring and colorful annuals to augment the perennials of hydrangeas, roses, hosta, spirea, and sedums for the summer months. Ornamental cabbages are added for fall adornment and the winter berries always are a pop of red against the bleak winter snow.

Special Community Projects 

Chair: Laurie Unick

Trees are lit with balls of light, as well as the perimeter of the park. Last year we decorated the seating area with green swags and garlands; this year we added swags to the lampposts and a live tree to the center of the stone planters. All of this was done in time for Warwick's Home for the Holidays Celebration the week before Thanksgiving. (Friday, Nov. 20th.)


Library Books: As part of WVG's mission to develop an interest in gardening and horticulture, the club continues to donate books to the Warwick Valley Library system. Often, these donations include books for children, to instill an interest in gardening at an early age. 
Farm Aid: In 2011 a hurricane followed by a tropical storm devastated our town and many of the farms that our area is known for. Warwick “Farm Aid” was organized to help our local farmers through fundraisers. Warwick Valley Gardeners donated half the profits from our Barn sale.
Benches at RailRoad Green: From fundraiser proceeds we were able to order three benches to be placed in Railroad Green Park for the comfort of those visiting there. 


The town of Warwick participated in "America in Bloom", a national program committed to fostering civic pride, environmental responsibility, and  beautification through community participation and won first prize in its population category. The Warwick Valley Gardeners continue to work with this organization to beautify the village of Warwick by participating in various fundraisers and floral projects. All members serve on this committee.

Co-Chairs: Liz Holda, Laurie Unick
This new committee has been established to forge a relationship with Warwick Valley High School to create an annual scholarship in the field of horticulture.

Chair: Pat Conroy Reinhardt
Arbor Day is a nationally - celebrated observance that encourages tree planting and care. Over the years the WVG has planted many trees in celebration of this event. The last Friday of the month of April has been designated Arbor Day in New York State, and as always, the club will participate with a planting ceremony and observance.


Chair: Mary Pohlman

  Garden Therapy is the use of live plants to heal and rehabilitate people. The WVG has a very active program at our local nursing facility, Mt. Alverno. Our club meets every few months to conduct workshops, such as simple planting and flower arranging projects.



The Youth Gardeners involve the youth of the town and community volunteer organizations to learn together about planting and care of the environment and their interdependence upon each other. Our 2015 project of establishing a naturalized Pollinators Garden in the Warwick Village's historical Lewis Woodlands is an example. Themes vary from year to year.

Members: Lisa Assaiante, Ree Anne Davies, Ann Green, Beth Nagel,

Mary Pohlman