Warwick Valley Gardeners

Keeping Warwick beautiful … one flower at a time

Fall Gardening Tips


  • Dethatch and aerate lawn to promote root growth
  • Remove and compost spent annuals and fallen leaves
  • Begin to feed birds
  • Plant and transplant evergreens through October 15
  • Divide and transplant early blooming perennials
  • Divide Daylilies
  • Plant Lilies
  • Plant late season annuals like  pansies and ornamental Kale for Fall color
  • Add organic matter such as manure, compost and/or leaf mold to improve soil
  • Fertilize roses one last time
  • Take cuttings of begonias, geraniums and coleus to grow on as houseplants



  • Prepare landscape sketches for next season
  • Use garden notes and photos to [lan for next year
  • Continue to weed, weed, weed
  • Lift and store tender bulbs i.e. Cannas, Dahlias, Gladiolas after first frost
  • Plant and transplant deciduous trees and shrubs after leaf fall between Oct 15 and       Dec 1
  • Plant spinach and garlic
  • Complete lifting and dividing Iris and Daylilies
  • Begin planting tulips before month’s end
  • Prune late flowering shrubs and trees when dormant
  • Fertilize shrubs



  • Continue to irrigate until ground freezes
  • Complete removal of fallen leaves and debris to protect from overwintering disease and insects
  • Cut back perennials to 4-5”- leave ornamental grasses for Winter interest
  • Mulch boxwood and broadleaved evergreens before ground freezes
  • Provide burlap windbreaks for Hydrangea macrophylla to protect buds from winter freeze. Install stakes before ground freezes
  • Protect shrubs from deer with netting or burlap